Wednesday, May 16, 2012

This is How it Works: The Day After Ron Paul's announcement he gets all this interesting coverage

Yes, there has been a media blackout on Dr. Paul throughout the campaign, a blackout that only his supporters have been able to penetrate by using ever tactic at their command.

So it is ironic that the day after the Congressman announced he would no longer contest the remaining GOP primaries that all sorts of stories broke out.

The Gary Johnson Libertarian campaign responded to the statement that the Paul campaign had no intention of endorsing the former New Mexico governor.  People looking for some kind of fight between the two campaigns were disappointed.

Nonprofit Quarterly accused the Paul campaign of double, or even triple-billing for flights.  In a way this was predictable:  heretofore the Romney people and the GOP elites have steadfastly refused to pay that much attention to Paul.  Now, unsure of what strength he actually takes into the convention, they need something to try to smear him (the old newsletter have apparently run past their half-life).

Congressman Paul continues to deny that he plans a third-party run for President.  Given the amount of credibility toward his stated intention of reforming the GOP from the inside he would lose now if he bolted, and how that would affect the positions of the folks he has installed in GOP leadership posts, it no longer makes any sense to doubt him.

Finally, Sodahead uses a Ron Paul image to headline its poll suggesting that 53% of Americans DO believe that a Libertarian could one day be elected President.

When that happens, the Libertarian movement will owe a gigantic debt to Dr. Paul, whose pioneering made it possible for outstanding candidates like Governor Gary Johnson to follow in his footsteps.

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