Friday, May 18, 2012

Latest school news from Utah: students illicitly selling soda costs school $15,862 in fines

From Reason:

In Salt Lake City's Davis High School, students in the school store apparently sold cans of sodas surreptiously for several months, in violation of a State ban on soft drink and candy sales at lunch time.

So the Utah Office of Education, not satisfied with stopping the practice, has fined the school $15,862 that will have to be paid out of the building's general fund.

You know what the general fund is, right?  It's the money that the school uses to purchase extra supplies, help students who can't afford fees for field trips and such, to buy flowers when somebody on staff has a death in the family, or even new computers.  So it's gone now.

Moreover, in order to avoid further fines, school officials may actually have to remove that machines that--in completely legal fashion--have provided thousands of dollars to support athletics, after-school clubs, and special projects.

Bureaucrats.  Gotta love 'em.

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