Friday, May 25, 2012

Wisconsin: the importance of Libertarian Gary Johnson's 6% to medical marijuana

As I blogged yesterday, Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is achieving 5-6% support in Wisconsin polls.

This has importance beyond getting a Libertarian message out, or electing the former two-term New Mexico Governor President.

That 6% could be the critical difference between passage and failure of the medical marijuana ballot initiative, which both current Governor Scott Walker (fighting off a recall in the same election) and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch (herself, ironically, a cancer survivor) adamantly oppose.

Activists for marijuana legalization or marriage equality across the country, think about what having a presidential candidate openly supporting you could mean!


Another Delaware Liberterian said...

Could you tell me more about the equal marriage bill? What is in it?

Steven H. Newton said...

Sorry, hazy phrasing on my part--the bill in Wisconsin is to legalize medical pot--there isn't one to my knowledge on marriage equality.

I was trying to make the point that the campaign should back both kinds of initiatives around the country.