Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Libertarian Gary Johnson: "I've got more executive experience than Romney and Obama combined"

The remark comes at about the 2:12 mark in this extended interview with Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson on RT America:

Fact check:  absolutely true!

Gary Johnson:  8 years as New Mexico Governor; inherited $300 million deficit; cut taxes 14 times; vetoed 750 spending bills; improved public education; cleaned up the environment; best job creation record in nation during his term.

Barack Obama:  3.5 years as President; inherited Bush recession and deficits--made both worse; destruction of civil liberties; creation of Obamacare.

Mitt Romney:  4 years as Massachusetts Governor; created Romneycare; government spending grew; tax increases.

Oh, and if you want to compare private sector:  Gary Johnson started a one-man handyman operation in New Mexico and turned it into the largest, multi-million-dollar construction business in the State.

Compare that to Bain Capital, inherited wealth, and community organizing.


marinerman said...
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marinerman said...

What a lie. Mitt Romney didn't build Bain Capital on "inherited wealth", he built it practically out of his garage. All of his father inheritance was given to BYU. Do your homework. That's probably why no one will vote for you lie.

anonone said...

Tell the truth, Steve. Republican sore-loser Gary Johnson increased funding to public education in New Mexico by a third and it got worse, not better.

When he left the governorship after two terms, New Mexico's schools were among the very worst in the nation.

Libertarians want to end all funding for public schools and make education non-compulsory for all children, so only the parents of children who can afford and want to send their kids to school would be able to.