Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Libertarian Party of New York: PLEASE find us somebody to run in the 129th District!

The 129th Assembly District is home to Minority Leader Brian Kolb (R), who is not only against the legalization of medical marijuana, but is so thoroughly in favor of heavy-handed Federal regulation that he really ought to consider changing parties;

To wit:

NY Assembly minority
leader Brian Kolb chooses
the government over
people with chronic

"At the current time, I'm not in favor of it. In this particular case, if you look at marijuana for a medical use, then I think the (Food and Drug Administration) is the one that should monitor it and approve it just like we have any other drug dispensed to the public. I don't think marijuana should be any different than that," he said. 
Kolb added: "Right now, marijuana is not a legal substance. I still believe if we're going to use it for medical purposes, then the FDA should be administering those protocols and how it's to be dispensed before we do anything on a state-by-state basis. It's better regulated and evaluated at the federal level. I just don't think states should be coming up with their own policies."
Let's see, Kolb loves himself some FDA regulation and hates the idea of the States having any authority whatever.

And what he's most worried about, it appears, is not that medical marijuana might ease somebody's suffering, but that somebody somewhere might fake a disease to, you know, get high:
Another concern for Kolb is what illnesses would allow patients to obtain medical marijuana. He believes that medical marijuana should be reserved for the "severest cases" so that "bogus illnesses are not raised in an attempt to buy and use marijuana." 

So for the Repubican Minority Leader of the New York General Assembly, the needs of cancer patients are of far less concern than Federal bureaucracies or the possibility that somebody might use a recreational drug.

So, Libertarian Party of New York, there's got to be somebody in the 129th District willing to at least put up a paper candidacy against this guy.  C'mon, start looking.

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