Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's official: Ron Paul won't endorse Gary Johnson

From The Daily Caller:

A top campaign official for Ron Paul’s presidential campaign says there’s “no chance” that the Texas Republican congressman will endorse Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson for president over presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney.
“No,” campaign chairman Jesse Benton said in a response to a question from The Daily Caller about whether Paul would discuss the possibility of an endorsement with Johnson during a conference call with reporters on Tuesday. “There’s no chance of that.”
So the Libertarian Party and Gary Johnson/Jim Gray are on our own.  In reality, we always were.


Reza said...

Don't take a "no" out of context please.

Steven H. Newton said...

What the hell does Don't take a "no" out of context please even mean?

What the campaign said was "no chance," and it would be difficult to be more straightforward than that.

Anonymous said...

I read elsewhere that the question asked was "would Ron Paul work with Gary Johnson", not, "would Ron Paul endorse Gary Johnson".

Those are different things.