Sunday, May 27, 2012

Why Gary Johnson? Because neither Barack Obama or Mitt Romney apparently give a crap about kids like Cooper Brown

President Obama is running a Federal drug war determined to keep not only cancer patients, but also parents like Rebecca Brown from helping their children.

Mitt Romney agrees with him.

And in the meantime, in Michigan, Rebecca Brown has to become a criminal in order to take care of her son:

Rebecca Brown, and son Cooper:
Yep, she's the epitomy of the
abusive, neglectful mom who only
wants her child to smoke reefer
and ruin is life.

LANSING -- Rebecca Brown says she tried every prescription drug she could find to control the frequent seizures her son suffered because of a severe form of epilepsy.
When nothing worked consistently, and the drugs and special diet caused kidney stones and pancreas problems as side effects, the Oakland County woman turned to medical marijuana.
Now, Cooper Brown, 14, is one of 44 Michigan residents younger than 18 with a medical marijuana card. His mom says his seizures have dropped off dramatically since he started using it early this year.
But the treatment is controversial. Marijuana -- medical or otherwise -- is illegal at the federal level and some doctors say it shouldn't be used by adults, let alone children. A lack of clinical studies means there is uncertainty about its effects on developing brains and nervous systems.
Read the whole article.  You'll find the usual suspects admonishing us that there are long-term effects we don't know about (which is so different from the long-term effects of heavy-duty prescription meds that we DO know aobut), or folks concerned that a young person with Dravet syndrome, muscular dystrophy, and cancer might, ah, get high instead of suffering seizures, chronic pain, and nausea.

Should the government have the power to tell patients and parents what medicines they or their children can take, especially if their doctors approve?

Of all the presidential candidates who will be on the ballot in November, only Libertarian Gary Johnson says no.

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Anonymous said...

I hav a friend with epilepsy, and he's had grand mal seizures that have put him in hte hospital. His doctor recommends he smokes marijuana to help control his seizures. It's a far mroe effects and less costly medication with far, FAR fewer side effects than the anti-seizure medications h'es been on. Luckily my friend lives in Califronia, where they have a state law for medical marijuana.

I find it ironic that Obama will "respect" state law when it comes to the issue of gay marriage, then foist his Federal dogs (US Marshal, DEA and IRS) into closing down Oaksterdam University in Oakland, CA and pressure city counsils into closing dispensaries. And this from the guy who bragged in his book how he slacked off in school drank a lot of beer, smoked a lot of weed and did a little blow. What a hypocrite.