Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Delaware's NCLB waiver: Deck chairs on the Titanic

Gee, Arne Duncan decided that the Federal government imposing Race to the Top will no longer also impose its predecessor, No Child Left Behind, on Delaware.

Of course, the price of an NCLB waiver is total acquiesence to the RTTT agenda.

And here--in a single lesson--is why RTTT needs to be shown the door as well:  RTTT identifies "under-performing" schools for special attention [Partnership Zones].

Notice that almost all our under-performing schools have a common denominator:  high poverty.

So instead of helping solve the problem of extending equitable educational opportunities to poor kids, the rhetoric of RTTT simply labels their schools as the problem--they are "under-performing."

That Arne Duncan--what a way with words and Federal regulations.

Almost enough, isn't it, to make you wish the US Department of Education and the 6.6.% of the funding it grudgingly provides Delaware would just . . . go away.

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KilroysDelaware said...

The reason NCLB failed in Delaware was because DSTP failed and was flawed from day one! DSTP was rolled out Spring 1998 prior to NCLB 2001. Delaware made no effort to modify DSTP to better align it with NCLB goals. DSTP was was heavy on student consequences and less on really addressing teacher accountability and issues including parental "engagement" that is needed to help children to succeed. DSTP was hatch via a Delaware business roundtable agenda and even-though it failed he same group of reformist were allow to help write Delaware's RTTT application . plan.

With this wavier date from past years and current years forwards will be skewed! Not apples to apples.