Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Zach Andersons at Policymic to Ron Paul supporters: just get over it and quit

Zach Anderson has apparently had enough of the r3VOLution:

How, I ask you, how, are there still delusional Ron Paul fans that believe that he could be the Republican nominee for president?  It is time for those who desire the end of the Obama administration to rally around the candidate who actually stands a chance of ousting the current President: Mitt Romney.
We have all enjoyed the Ron Paul revolution, but enough is enough. It is starting to get a little sad now.  The Ron Paul fan club is undeniably admirable for their unquenchable spirit and steadfast faith in a principle. However, at this point, that is all that is left: a principle. There is no longer hope for the radical change of a Ron Paul presidency, so the time has come to make a decision: live in the real world and vote for the lesser of two evils (in what I am assuming is your opinion, Ron Paul supporter), or to continue to tout an ideology and allow President Obama to secure another four years in the White House.

I guess good ole Zach doesn't (a) get that there is a third option in Libertarian Gary Johnson, and that (b) the lesser of two evils is still evil.  Or, as Governor Johnson himself put it:
"Pick Obama, pick Romney, government's going to be bigger," Johnson told Yahoo News in a phone interview from his home in Taos, New Mexico. "Government's going to be more intrusive."

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