Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Public Policy Polling: Gary Johnson at 6% in North Carolina

Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson is polling at 6% in North Carolina, pulling roughly equal amounts of voters from President Obama and Governor Romney.

Ron Paul would poll 10% right now, the outfit says.

As Libertarians often do in North Carolina, Johnson polls significantly better among voters who consider themselves Very Liberal than any other category.

78% of the voters don't know anything about him.


tom said...

Once again, it seems like the local Libertarians need to start doing some serious outreach to the Ron Paul folks.

Anonymous said...

78% never heard of him??

Try and put that into perspective.

tom said...

"Try and put that into perspective."

Just further proof that the Framers of the Constitution were correct about needing the Electoral College because the average person isn't sufficiently informed to be trusted with electing the President.

I'm guessing that about 78% also wouldn't be able to name their Governor, Representative, and Senators.

Anonymous said...

Very true, Tom.

"35% of North Carolinians" also don't know anything about Richard Burr their own Senator and possible VP pick for Romney.