Thursday, May 17, 2012

Evan Queitsch attempts to smear Kenny Rivera with classic McCarthy tactics

I have to link to this garbage because it is so far out there that you would not believe it.

This is Evan Queitsch, who seems
to believe that God has called
upon him to denounce
communists in Delaware.
Evan Queitsch has decided that newly elected Red Clay School Board member Kenny Rivera is a dangerous Communist, and apparently a shitty Christian as well.

Evan portrays this as a great struggle of conscience in which he reveals that in the context of Christian study groups Kenny revealed political and economic thoughts that in Evans' limited intellectual grasp means he is the apparent heir of Lenin and Stalin, now elected to the Red Clay School Board to damn our kids with his Godless race toward total Marxist indoctrination.

Or something.  The paragraphs are so monolithic that I lost track right about the time that Evan admitted that he was breaking confidences in Church study groups that he and Kenny had attended in order to denounce him.

He also takes time to denounce Mike Matthews, Frederika Jenner, and probably several other people by implication.  Oddly, he links to this blog (which labeled dear old Evan as a THUG just a few weeks ago, and provided a link to the video that proves it) in supposed support of his thesis.

This is Kenny Rivera,
Red Clay School Board
member elect, award-
winning teacher and
victim of an horrific
smear campaign.
Let's be clear:  everyone needs to read at least part of this garbage for the simple purpose of insuring that Delaware's own little Joe McCarthy wannabe has no chance of ever getting elected to anything, or ever being taken seriously by anyone again.

For the record:  Kenny Rivera is a good man, by all accounts a great teacher, and I am proud to support him as a Red Clay School Board member.  If you read this, and you agree, please visit Evans' ridiculous little blog and make the following comment:  "I do not tolerate McCarthyism.  I stand with Kenny Rivera."

Let's make the coward have to cut off the comments, while he goes and hides back under the slimey rock from which he crawled.

And I would suggest to my fellow bloggers that banning Evan from commenting would be an excellent idea.  He's got his own fetid little soapbox, so let's see how far it gets him.  (Note to Evan on the two-syllable word:  "fetid" means really smelly.


Ed Diagnostician said...

When I saw his post, I was shocked/disappointed. Perhpas neither emotion is warranted though. Seems to be an M.O. The anti-communist stuff, that is.

It's all OK to have and be whatever political slant you want, but this is school board we're talking about. For this election, he's no party at all.

And the idea of having a teacher on the school board? Evan says it's crazy, should we elect more business people? I think every School Board in America would benefit from an educator's voice sitting on their board.

Oh well, maybe someday.

Good post Steve.

Mike Matthews said...

Thank you, Steve. Thank you very much.

XStryker said...

If Evan likes God so much, how come he has a devil's haircut?

In any case, studies show that people who fervently believe they are doing God's work give themselves extra allowance to sin, because they presume God will cut them more slack.

"Mr. Rivera is the worst kind of teacher, a history teacher fresh out of the UD school of advanced Progressive policies who loves his union" - No, Evan, the worst kind of teacher is the kind that doesn't care about their students or their subject. Not to mention the kind of teacher that allows effeminate male students to be bullied and beaten by their peers.

In any case, Jesus pretty much defined the ideas of socialism, tolerance, and pacifism.

"The first of these lessons delves into God’s purpose for government and how God intends us to interact with the State (i.e. Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s.) and with our government authority. This lesson recognizes the authority of government but limits the depths to which God intended the government arm to reach. "

As far as I'm concerned, Jesus was clearly indicating his support for the separation of church and state and for paying your taxes without greedily demanding special tax breaks for investors and decrying the distribution of food to the poor (which kings and emperors did long before Jesus was born).

kavips said...

Darn you for publishing this so late in the evening, or more appropriately, darn me for biting and ever reading it...


pandora said...

This is filth, vile filth. Evan should be ashamed of himself.

Hube said...

Thought I was caught in a time bubble and was back in time 60 years ago reading that dreck ...