Friday, May 25, 2012

Climbing Mount Everest: why BOTH Gary Johnson and Ron Paul supporters should be contributing

Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson, you may possibly know, has climbed Mount Everest.

So for his first national fundraiser, we're starting with that--$1 per foot to $29,035 by May 30--which is the anniversary date of his reaching the summit.

Here's the challenge for those of you who already support Gary:  throw something into the kitty--$5, $10, whatever you can afford.

Here's the challenge for those of you supporting Ron Paul:  consider that Gary Johnson is already making Mitt Romney look like he cannot win New Mexico, Arizona, Wisconsin, and possibly New Hampshire.

The higher that Gary Johnson polls between now and August, and the more obvious it becomes that Romney arrives in Tampa with increasing questions about his electability hanging over his head . . . well, anything could happen, couldn't it?  So consider that every dollar you can spare for Gary Johnson is a dollar that will be used to bite into Mitt Romney's lead.

C'mon, $5, $10.

I sent Gary $50 tonight.

Make me look cheap.

Go here to donate.

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The I know everything blog said...

I started a petition to get Gary into the debates. Any help you can give spreading the word will help. Its not to late to save the US! Be Informed!