Monday, May 28, 2012

Working Families, Constitution, and Green parties recover ballot access in Delaware

Ballot Access News reports that all three Delaware alternative parties previously in danger of losing their ballot lines due to new, higher registration requirements, have all exceeded the 600+ signature requirement to keep their position on the ballot.

This means that the Working Families Party of Delaware, the Constitution Party, and the Greens will be on the November ballot.

The Libertarian Party of Delaware and the Independent Party of Delaware were already above the required registration levels.

The end of fusion nominations, however, still leaves question marks over the future of these parties.  Many candidates had previously run as Working Families/Democrat or Libertarian/Republican; this is no longer possible.

While all of these parties have many differences among them, they share a common commitment to a more open political process, with more different voices at the table than the one-and-one-half parties in Delaware currently provide.

(And an aside--congrats Andy Groff--you've got a party to go along with that nomination now.)

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Dana Garrett said...

Well, there is some good news.