Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Washington Times: Despite differences on foreign policy, Ron Paul supporters should go with Gary Johnson

Finding a discussion of the difference between Ron Paul's "natural law" approach and the more "utilitarian" perspective of Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson being discussed in the Washington Times is . . . . almost unnerving.

But the upshot of the article is that Johnson offers the only similar set of policy prescriptions to the Texas Congressman now that he has suspended active campaigning:

[Johnson's] utilitarian approach is fraught with these types of problems. Once you abandon the natural law premise, there is the danger that you will inadvertently justify a whole lot more government. Johnson’s ideas about foreign policy are the most cause for concern for Paul supporters, but there are others.
However, with a $4 trillion federal budget a virtual certainty with either Obama or Romney, Paul supporters have little to lose if Johnson is their only other choice. Do any of us?
 But, hey, I'll take it.

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