Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ron Paul: I'm not going to win the GOP nomination

The latest official word from the Ron Paul campaign:

Unfortunately, barring something very unforeseen, our delegate total will not be strong enough to win the nomination. Governor Romney is now within 200 delegates of securing the party’s nod. However, our delegates can still make a major impact at the National Convention and beyond.
All delegates will be able to vote on party rules and allow us to shape the process for future liberty candidates.
We are in an excellent position to make sure the Republican Party adds solidliberty issues to the GOP Platform, which our delegates will be directly positioned to approve. Our campaign is presently working to get several items up for consideration, including monetary policy reform, prohibitions on indefinite detention, and Internet freedom.
Finally, by sending a large, respectful, and professional delegation to Tampa, we will show the party and the country that not only is our movement growing and here to stay, but that the future belongs to us.
It is clear now that Dr. Paul has decided to reform the GOP from the inside, rather than to bolt for a third party run when Mitt Romney is nominated.  This is a laudable goal, and may indeed improve the climate for "future liberty candidates" within the GOP.

But right now we have a current liberty candidate in Governor Gary Johnson, running under the Libertarian Party banner, and he needs our support.

It is also clear, I think, that while Ron Paul supporters will find no better successor to his views that Gary Johnson, the Congressman's stated intent to work within the GOP no matter who is nominated will rule out any formal endorsement.

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