Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gary Johnson qualifies for Federal matching funds

The FEC officially announced that Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson has been approved for matching funds.

His campaign had to prove its ability to raise funds nationwide to qualify:
To be considered for federal matching funds a candidate must raise at least $100,000 “by collecting $5,000 in 20 different states in amounts no greater than $250 from any individual,” according to a release from the FEC.

I know that some Libertarians find fault with any candidate who would participate in, or benefit from, any government program.

Put me firmly in the camp that says, once they've got your money, use any legal means available to get any of it back.


tom said...

I agree completely.

We need to outlaw taxing people to fund election campaigns.

but until that happens our candidates need to use the money that was stolen from us rather than allowing their opponents use it against them.

anonone said...

Federal matching funds for presidential campaigns are donated voluntarily as a check-off on tax returns.

What we should be doing is funding elections only with public funds.

tom said...

yeah, just as "voluntary" as IRS propaganda would have you believe every aspect of our income tax system is.

because we all know that everyone "voluntarily" spends hours filling out the forms disclosing every detail of their finances,

and "voluntarily" sends in the payments,

and "voluntarily" invites IRS agents to audit them,

and "voluntarily" submits to the fines or even prison time that can be assessed for errors or omissions.

it would be voluntary if not checking the box meant that you get to keep the $3.