Monday, May 21, 2012

New Jersey Tea Parties formally bail on Mitt Romney

Most people should have seen this coming:

 A Statement from Tea Party Groups of New Jersey:
 Monmouth County Tea Party Coalition
Ocean County Citizens For Freedom
Bayshore Tea Party Group 
Tea Party of Middlesex County
No longer will we be forced by both political parties and the media to choose between the lesser of two evils. We say, not on our watch will we ever give in to this sort of tyranny again. This game ends right here, right now! Endorsing Mitt Romney and his record of left-leaning policies would be a complete hypocrisy that collides with everything the Tea Party Movement stands for.
 So, it is with great pleasure and honor that We of the above mentioned Tea Party Groups of New Jersey, announce our full endorsement of Dr. Ron Paul for President of The United States of America 2012. Dr. Paul's 20+ year voting record as an ardent constitutional conservative speaks profoundly of his integrity both as a representative of the people and as a human being. Dr. Paul's message of Limited Constitutional Government and Individual Liberty is what motivated the Tea Parties into action to begin with and this message will continue to resonate within our movement until America is restored to her former glory and is once again a beacon of freedom.
 We choose to stand by our principles rather than to sell our souls to the game of politics because this is what Ron Paul has done consistently his entire political life and we expect nothing less of ourselves.

The stories about sweeping up delegates at state caucuses was only going to play in the headlines for the Ron Paul campaign for so long, and it is still months to the GOP Convention.

Paul's organization is too savvy to allow there to be that kind of a gap, otherwise the Congressman is old news in Tampa.

Please stop the bleeding, Mitt pleads.
Look for more grassroots declarations of lack of support for Romney.

As I've already noted, this will be a particularly useful strategy in states Mitt couldn't win in the first place--like Delaware.

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