Monday, May 14, 2012

TPM: Libertarian Gary Johnson going after Ron Paul supporters as Congressman suspends active campaigning

Talking Points Memo:

“You can’t suspend liberty,” Johnson said in a statement. “The Ron Paul revolution must continue, whether he is actively campaigning or not. His message must be a part of the conversation leading to November.  Millions of Americans, particularly young Americans, are energized by Congressman Paul’s challenge to the status quo, and I am confident that energy will only build in the weeks and months ahead. And as much as the business-as-usual political elite would like to do so, you can’t put a lid on the enthusiasm and commitment Ron Paul and his supporters bring to the process.  Whether it is at the Republican Convention or at the polls in November, the revolution Ron Paul has ignited will be seen and heard in the months ahead. I will continue the Ron Paul Revolution.”

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