Thursday, May 17, 2012

Virginian-Pilot: Gary Johnson may hold the balance in North Carolina

Okay, I''m inferring just a bit, but that's effectively what they said:

President Barack Obama's lead over Republican Mitt Romney in North Carolina has shrunk to a statistical dead heat, according to a poll on the race for the White House released today.
Obama had the support of 48 percent in the Public Policy Polling survey, and Romney had 47 percent, with a margin of error of 3.8 percentage points. The remaining five percent said they were undecided. Romney trailed by five points in a PPP survey last month.  
When Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson is included, the numbers move to 46 percent for Obama, 44 percent for Romney and 6 percent for Johnson.
Is six percent real?  2008 Libertarian Presidential candidate showed at 6% around this time of year, but ended up with only 25,419 votes, or 0.6%.  [At that, his percentage may actually have cost John McCain the state:  the GOP lost by less than 14,000 votes.]

But . . .

In the same election LP Gubernatorial candidate Michael Munger managed nearly 121,000 votes (2.9%) and senatorial candidate Chris Cole received over 131,000 (3.1%).

And one of the things that Public Policy Polling reveals is that NC Libertarians appear to have a left-leaning tendency, which means they would be in the marriage equality column more often than not (Cole ran as an openly gay candidate)

Interested in the Gary Johnson 2012 campaign in North Carolina?  Visit the North Carolina for Gary Johnson Facebook page.

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