Monday, May 14, 2012

Politico: As Ron Paul suspends campaign, Libertarian Gary Johnson to benefit

Politico quotes Public Policy Polling regarding what happens to Ron Paul supporters once the Congressman drops out of the race:

One major unresolved issue is where Paul backers go in November. A recent Public Policy Polling national survey found that Paul supporters dislike Obama and Romney almost equally. Obama’s approval spread with them is 26 percent favorable and 58 percent negative. Romney is viewed favorably by only 27 percent of Paul supporters and unfavorably by 58 percent.
Forty-five percent of Paul supporters said they would vote for Romney in the general election, and 39 percent said they would vote to reelect Obama. When libertarian Gary Johnson is thrown into the mix, 16 percent say they’ll vote for him with Obama dropping to 35 percent and Romney dropping to 31 percent.
Johnson appealed to Paul supporters in a statement released in response to Paul’s announcement.
“I will continue the Ron Paul Revolution,” the former New Mexico governor declared.
This is intriguing.  If Dr. Paul is--as Politico asserts earlier in the article--setting up the GOP for a Rand Paul run in 2016, then one would expect that a lot of Liberty movement folks will have to make some hard decisions this year--hold their noses and vote for Mitt or throw their votes to the candidate nearest to their hero.

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