Sunday, May 13, 2012

A collection of miscellany, as Gary Johnson courts pagans, pot smokers, and Paulistas

Endorsed by a former witch,
Christine O'Donnell, Mitt Romney
flip-flops again by pandering
at witch-fearing Liberty U.
. . . like the fact that while Mitt Romney was posturing his evangelical cred at Liberty University, where students can get fined, sentenced to community service, or even expelled for
Involvement with witchcraft, séances or other satanic or demonic activity
. . . Libertarian Gary Johnson actually courts the "pagan vote"--having attended a Pagan Town Hall media event a couple months ago:
I asked Johnson for his feelings about the Pagan Media Town Hall.  He said, “It was a very positive experience. I’ve had the good fortune to see a bit of the world and there are other beliefs and the whole notion of doing unto others and you’d have done unto you is not just a Christian idea. That is an idea that is spiritual. The Pagan [Media] Town Hall was a spiritual experience and I enjoyed it.”
Gary Johnson at the Pagan Town
Hall in November 2011. Not kidding,
real screenshot from event.
Remember, those of you who prefer the Flying Spaghetti Monster to Skydad, Gary Johnson is the first serious contender (as in actually having a resume that qualifies him for the job) to run for President without flaunting his Christianity:

Johnson, who said he doesn’t go to church, made it clear he doesn’t think “religion should play a role in government.”
“I don’t seek the counsel of God,” Johnson said. “God doesn’t speak to me on what I should or shouldn’t do.”
Asked about his religious beliefs, Johnson said,“I haven’t gone to church since I finished my confirmation as a Lutheran.”
Gary Johnson favors marijuana
legalization.  Note the "Big
Johnson" h/t for kavips.

Meanwhile, the Marijuana Policy Project is predicting (or at least hoping) that in light of President Obama's many broken promises about the "war on drugs," that there will be a significant protest for Gary.

I also picked up this little gem, as the ACLU's rating of Gary Johnson as being better on civil rights that Barack Obama even penetrated Democratic Underground a couple weeks ago:

This is the ACLU's comparison of this year's candidates' record on upholding civil liberties in this country. Of course, Obama beats out all the Republican candidates(though just barely beating out Ron Paul). However, the sad thing is Obama is ranked below Gary Johnson, a Republican candidate who switched to Libertarian. Johnson beats out Obama handily. 

I'm not advocating that we vote for Johnson, but it is a sad day when a Democrat gets beaten out by a Libertarian on the issue of civil liberties. 
And finally, in New Mexico, Gary continues to receive strong press coverage, which is critical to his best hopes of early breakthrough numbers as a "favorite son."  Sunshine State News ran one story on Gary Johnson courting Ron Paul supporters, and another mention in the story covering Rasmussen's announcement that an independent Ron Paul run would garner 13% nationwide. (This is even more significant for the fact that the original Rasmussen posting made no reference to Johnson.)

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