Friday, May 4, 2012

Former LP Presidential candidate Ed Clark: Gary Johnson "will do four or five times better than I did"

Ed Clark should know:  he's the only Libertarian Party presidential candidate to break 1% in a General Election, and to even approach 1,000,000 votes.  He probably would have done even better in the 1980 election had it not been for Congressman John Anderson's independent run.

Here's what Clark told Reason at the LP convention:

“I think this year is like 1980, which was a tremendous year for Libertarians. Everybody was turned off by the government because of Vietnam, people were turned off by the inflation of the 70s, and people in California were turned on to the thought of small government by Prop 13. That made a lot of people available for another alternative in 1980. I think there is the same potential here. I think Gary has the personality, the character, and the background to do it,” he said.

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