Thursday, May 10, 2012

HuffPo: Marijuana legalization, Colorado's electoral votes and Gary Johnson

HuffPo appears to be intent upon actually covering Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson's impact on the Presidential election.
Libertarian Gary Johnson is the ONLY presidential
candidate who support marijuana legalization.

Today, HuffPo covers the fact that the Colorado Democratic Party, many Republicans, and the State Government are supporting a marijuana legalization measure on this year's ballot, in part reacting to the Obama administration's hypocritical ramping up the drug war, and specifically the war against medical marijuana.

Here's the segment that covers Gary Johnson:

The push against the Colorado businesses and the patients they serve is just the latest in the Obama administration's bizarre action against a plant that was at one point a cultural flash point, but which now religious leader Pat Robertson says should be legal.
The timing is also curious given the upcoming November election. Colorado's nine electoral college votes are up for grabs, and Obama's path to reelection gets very steep without the state in his corner. The legalization amendment on the ballot in November could drive otherwise complacent voters to the polls, but they may not end up backing Obama. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is not ashamed to tout his support of pot legalization, threatening to syphon protest votes that otherwise would have gone to Obama.


kavips said...

Just wondered, were you smoking any when you typed the headline, (spell check doesn't work on headlines) ...


arizona marijuana laws said...

Medical marijuana is "natural" and therefore better, or at least no worse, than legally prescribed drugs, which may be addictive and may carry dangerous side effects. But natural is not the standard for whether a drug is safe and effective.