Saturday, May 5, 2012

If you have friends in North Carolina, contact them NOW and ask them not to turn the calendar back to 1835

The infamous anti-gay Amendment One is still on route to pass, reports Public Policy Polling.

Why?  How could that be?

Well, it seems that most people don't know that Amendment One would not only make same-sex marriage illegal, but would rule out gay civil unions as well.

Here are the numbers:

55% of NC voters report that they support either same-sex marriage or civil unions.  41% oppose.

Yet at the same time, 55% of NC voters report that they intend to vote YES on Amendment One, which would make both of those illegal, and only 41% oppose.

The problem is that only 40% of NC voters know that Amendment One would ban BOTH same-sex marriage and civil unions.

When you tell them that, the 55-41 split IN FAVOR of Amendment One turns into a 60-38 REJECTION of the proposal.

Voters who think Amendment One ONLY bans same-sex marriage (27%) are IN FAVOR of the proposal by 72-27.

Voters who admit that they don't really know WHAT Amendment One does (26%) are nonetheless IN FAVOR of the proposal by 64-28.

So, basically, in North Carolina, the 53% of the electorate who either DOESN'T KNOW what Amendment One does, or ISN'T RIGHT about what it does, are the margin by which the State Constituion may be changed to deprive American citizens of basic civil rights.

Ironically, if Amendment One passes, it would not be the first time that North Carolina had removed civil rights from its own citizens.  Up until the early 1830s, the Tarheel State was somewhat unique among Southern States in that--even though slavery was legal--"Free people of color" could vote, testify in court, hold property, etc. etc.

But then, as historian Lorraine V. Aragon notes,

In 1835 the State of North Carolina disenfranchised “free people of color” who then could no longer vote, bear arms, testify against whites in court, sit on juries, attend statefunded schools, or select their own ministers.

This is where North Carolina appears to be headed right now.

So if you know folks in the State, contact them RIGHT NOW and give them the right information about Amendment One, because friends don't let friends deny other people's civil rights.

If all else fails, send them this chart:

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