Friday, May 4, 2012

In praise of Lee Wrights

Don't misunderstand, I support Governor Gary Johnson for the Libertarian Presidential nomination, but at tonight's Libertarian candidate debate, longtime LP stalwart Lee Wrights showed style, grace, and good humor throughout.

For Libertarian radicals, and on style, he won the debate hands down.  And it is that style that Gary Johnson will have to improve if he really believes in his 15% strategy.  Johnson has the record, and the substance to appeal to libertarian-leaning voters, and he showed occasional flashes of passion, which he has to work on cultivating.

Johnson will be the nominee, but honesty compels me to say that tonight belonged to Lee Wrights.

He knew every applause line the crowd was waiting for, and delivered them with impeccable timing.  His years of working for the LP are a tribute to his passion for his own particular brand of personal liberty.  Perhaps his positions are too simplistic for the real world of being the president, and therefore in that sense he doesn't make a credible candidate for millions of voters, but in the traditional LP sense of nominating someone whose campaign is intended to educate, there would not be a better candidate available than Lee Wrights.

I can only hope he will take his formidable skills out on the trail for Johnson/Gray in search of the elusive Ron Paul voters.


Anonymous said...

There is practically nobody including Gary Johnson that doesn't like Lee Wrights but milking the LP crowd for laughs while a great talent is not what the presidential nomination is all about. Johnson hit hard with numbers and facts, nothng less than the enemies of America are constantly calculating as they plot against us. Not to worry, because after we plan on declaring PEACE, all the enemies will go away, right?

Steve Newton said...

Easy, Anon. Didn't endorse the man, just thought he deserved props for a good debate, and pointed out that in terms of style (which will definitely be important if Johnson gets to the big stage), Gary Johnson has a ways to got.