Monday, May 7, 2012

Michigan Secretary of State trying to keep Gary Johnson off Presidential ballot . . .

. . . through selective use of a 1955 law:
GOPer Ruth Johnson, who
relentlessly uses her position
as a political weapon.

The basis for the refusal is Michigan statute 168.695, which says, “No person whose name was printed or placed on the primary ballots or voting machines as a candidate for nomination on the primary ballots of one political party shall be eligible as a candidate of any other political party at the election following the primary.” This law was passed in 1955, at a time when Michigan did not have a presidential primary. In 1980, John B. Anderson formed the “Anderson Coalition Party” within Michigan, and his name was printed as that party’s presidential nominee in November 1980, even though Anderson had run in the Michigan Republican presidential primary on May 20. Thus, a precedent was set that this law does not apply to presidential primary candidates.
Michigan's Secretary of State is Republican Ruth Johnson, a hardline social conservative who apparently believes that George Soros is attempting to corrupt Secretaries of State across the nation, who already flubbed the reporting of Michigan's GOP primary this year, and who has played these kind of games with names on the ballot before.

Shades of Katherin Harris.

The Libertarian Party and the Gary Johnson campaign will, of course, sue for inclusion.

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