Thursday, May 3, 2012

Only in Delaware: the Anonymous chastising the Nameless (Updated)

THIS is the epitomy of "the Delaware Way."

Earlier today I mentioned the Delaware affiliate of Parents Across America, which is named Communities 4 Education DE.  At the time the group was supporting a petition for a moratorium on new charter schools.

Tonight the group's website is hosting a petition to demand transparency from the many PACs funneling money into Delaware school board races.  This is a lofty goal, and there's only one problem with it.

The group supporting the petition for education PACs to come out of the darkness . . .

. . . is anonymous.

UPDATE:  John Young has stepped forward as creator of the petition.  See the comments section below.

Who is behind Communities 4 Education DE--like all the PACs--remains unknown.

And the most hilarious signature already on the petition is that of Frederika Jenner, who controls at least one if not several of DSEA's big-money PACs.


john said...

I authored the petition as such to not sway voters based on my positions. That said, the site linking the petition, is not me. They have been active since the NCS debate. I believe they are loosely affiliated with Parents Across America.

Steve Newton said...

C'mon John, all we need is yet ANOTHER group of people in public education who won't tell us their names.

john said...

Changed it on the petition.

john said...

I am not a part of the referent site you link.

john said...

So Steve, will you sign it? I know you value the principle of transparency. Is one side better than none?

Steve Newton said...

John, I value the principle of transparency, and I will work for that.

However, I will not sign this petition, and here's why:

The petition was written (by you) a candidate who took PAC money and independent expenditures by outside groups in your favor in 2009.

The petition thus far been signed by Kim Wiliams, a candidate who took PAC money and independent expenditures by outside groups in her favor in 2009.

The petition has also been signed by Frederika Jenner, who bragged about coordinating those expenditures in that campaign, and who then went to DSEA where she was involved in the funneling of hundreds of thousands of dollars into an array of interlocking PACs that were just as difficult to untangle as anything RODEL has done this year.

Those PACs have spent over a million dollars in DE elections in the past five years.

I will agree with you 100% that this year has been off the charts, and that PAC behavior has been ham-handed and inappropriate in some campaigns.

I will not, however, add my name to a group of folks who never called for PAC transparency until "the other side" started playing the game.

john said...

fair enough. Had to ask.