Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This must be a year for Libertarian impact on national politics, because nothing else explains this headline

Business helps GOP incumbents facing libertarians

Why would businesses be afraid of Libertarians?

Try this example from Iowa:

In northern Idaho, Sen. Shawn Keough, of Sandpoint, and Rep. George Eskridge, of Dover, each banked at least $5,000 from donors including grocers, hospitals, insurers and real estate agents. Others to benefit were Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, of Huston, who faces Maurice Clements, a former Idaho GOP legislator in the 1970s who ran unsuccessfully as a Libertarian in 1988.
Keough contends that pro-business groups have aligned themselves with incumbents like her because they're concerned their rivals might have run as Libertarian or even Constitution Party candidates in the past.
"The folks that are challenging the incumbents aren't necessarily reflective of Main Street Republican values," Keough said. "It's indicative of what you've been seeing in terms of the split in the party the last four years."
John Eaton, the Idaho Association of Realtors top lobbyist, says his group gave Lodge $1,000 last week, on grounds she offers the most consistency for businesses than Clements.
"He's the perfect example," Eaton said. "He wants to legalize pot. That's the kind of stuff that the business community would never support."
Apparently, the Idaho Association of Realtors is unaware that at least half of Americans favor legalizing marijuana, which means--ah shit--that a lot of those dopeheads buy real estate (so they can use their grow lights in the closet), visit grocery stores (for Doritos to combat the dreaded munchies), go to hospitals (for their awful overdose and withdrawal problems from a non-addictive analgesic), and even purchase insurance (in case they run over their kids in the driveway).

Oh, and they vote.

With an actual presidential candidate in Gary Johnson who comes complete with a track record proving that society did not unravel during his 8 years in power in New Mexico, people are getting really scared that Libertian ideas might gain some traction.

Ironically, it is not the fiscal conservatism of the Libertarians that is spooking them, but our social values of individual rights and general tolerance.

You're right, Idaho:  we damn sure can't tolerate that.

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delacrat said...

The Idaho Association of Realtors would prefer their "elected" officials focus on dopeheads, instead of their members, or any of their cronies in the finance industry, as the culprits behind the housing bubble.