Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Time to remind Public Policy Polling to keep the Gary Johnson question in

Right now, only PPP is even including Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson in any of its polls.

That's the good news, but there is, as we say, "other news" as well.

In its recent polling in Virginia, PPP included only Constitution Party nominee Virgil Goode with President Obama and Governor Romney.  To some extent this makes sense, as Goode is a former Virginia congressman who can be expected to poll better in his home state, like Gary Johnson would in New Mexico.

On the other hand, leaving out the Libertarian alternative doesn't tell us if any of the 6% "undecided" might be Gary Johnson voters.

Likewise, we don't know about the 8% undecided in Ohio, and the 8% undecided in Iowa, because again PPP didn't include Gary.

In Iowa this becomes particularly problematic because PPP wasted a question on a Ron Paul-Barack Obama match-up.  What we do learn from that question, however, is that a lot of both the Romney and Obama votes are not as solid as the two parties would like us to think.

For example, against Ron Paul, President Obama drops from 51% to 47%, but the 41% Romney was getting also drops to 39% for Paul.

Undecided jumps from 8% up to 14%.

That's critical because it suggests that the Ron Paul vote, together with the undecideds and the "soft" Obama-Romney voters might be sufficient to propel a Gary Johnson vote up toward the key 15% range.

But if PPP stops including Gary Johnson in every presidential poll, we'l never know, and because polls help construct reality as well as report it, the Governor's chances will plummet.

Write PPP today at information@publicpolicypolling.com and tell them you want Gary Johnson in the mix--every time.

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