Friday, May 11, 2012

To answer my own last question: THIS is why most Americans don't know about Gary Johnson

Because they don't really care, as Dr. Jason Brennan of Georgetown University points out:

The quality of the candidates who make it on the ballot depends upon the quality of the electorate. The politicians who make it on the ballot are low quality becausethey appeal to the median voter. If the median voter has silly views, then smart, well-informed, intellectually honest, forthright politicians don’t stand a chance.
Many people complain that we’re always stuck choosing the lesser of two evils. The Comedy Central showSouth Park compared the 2004 presidential election to a school mascot election between a Turd Sandwich and a Douche. Why are we often stuck choosing between a Republican Turd Sandwich and Democratic Douche? It’s not because the system is broken or corrupt. It’s because the system works. It gives We the People what We the People want. We have to choose between “two evils” because these two evils best appeal to the median voter.
If we want to fix our democracy, then we need to fix ourselves. We need to become smarter, less biased, and more intellectually honest when it comes to politics.
Which is why, this November, most people will probably vote for either the douche or the turd sandwich?

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Anonymous said...

I am in complete and utter awe of the stupidity of the average american/Delaware voter.

Think about it, Ruth Ann Minner was a two term Governor. Beau Biden defeated Ferris Wharton. John Atkins is a state representative.

When Ron Paul rails about the hidden tax by the Federal Reserve, I put the number of voters who have a clue as to what he is talking about at 15%. That might be on the high side.