Sunday, May 6, 2012

10 things Gary Johnson can do to keep himself in the news . . . .

. . . which is critical if he seriously intends to get to 15% in national polls.

1.  Weigh in publicly and LOUDLY against North Carolina's proposed Amendment One to ban same-sex marriage and civil unions.  He's have to do that quickly, because the vote takes place this Tuesday.  Challenge President Obama and Governor Romney to do the same.

2.  Do a press conference with cancer patients denied medical marijuana at the site of some recent DEA raid on a medical marijuana facility.  Ask pointedly why 94% of American voters continue to support candidates who favor leaving terminally ill patients in chronic pain.

3.  While visiting New York City, as he has indicated he plans to do very soon, ask TSA officials (on camera if possible) if they have ever found a 7-year-old with cerebral palsy to be a terrorist.  Challenge President Obama to explain why these TSA outrages keep occurring, and what plan the administration has for eliminating them in the future.

4.  Join a march by Iraq Veterans Against the War--there are plenty of them coming up.  Ask how it could be that 69% of the American people are against the war in Afghanistan, and yet 94% of them are seemingly prepared to vote for the two candidates in the race who want to keep on fighting.

5.  Hold a Twenty-five torches of Freedom Rally with the ACLU to emphasize that Gary Johnson is the highest-rated candidate in the race for civil liberties.  Ask Americans why 94% of them seem ready to vote for candidates who support the idea that Presidents can have US citizens held indefinitely without charges, even in peacetime?

6.  Find an Air Force base with F-22 fighters to use as a backdrop to asking tough questions about the defense budget.  How did a plane that the Air Force tried to have cancelled, which has turned into a $79 billion boondoogle, and which an increasing number of fighter pilots feel is unsafe to fly just keep rolling through the system?

7.  Stand in front of the Capitol, and hold a press conference that asks, "Why do we even bother with having a Congress any more, once the President signed the Executive Order for National Defense Resources Preparedness?"

8.  On visiting (or returning home to) New Mexico, stand in front of the Governor's mansion with paper copies of the 750 bills he vetoed as governor.  Weigh them and announce the result.  "These bills weigh in at ### hundred pounds, but they also represent $$$ of unncessary spending I used my veto to prevent.  Funny, the State is still here, essential services were never in danger, schools got reformed, and I left office with a huge surplus.  It only takes a pen--and the guts to use it."

9.  Visit a charter school (Charter School of Wilmington or Kuumba Academy, I'm sure, would be happy to have him), and point out how the damage done to education in America by No Child Left Behind, Race to the Top, high-stakes testing, and Federal intrusion can only be fixed by reducing or eliminating Federal control of public education, and allowing the states to experiment.

10.  Run in a 5-K race somewhere, and hold a press conference afterward to point out that one of the advantages of currently polling below 15% is no Secret Service protection--"which keeps away the prostitutes."

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