Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Comment rescue: Barbara Finnan on the Mark Murphy nomination/confirmation

All the usual suspects in the Delaware blogging world have posts up about the instant confirmation of Mark Murphy, the Vision Network leader with almost no traditional public school experience, as Delaware's new Secretary of Education.

I prefer to harken back to something that Barbara Finnan said the day we learned of the nomination:
Just another poo-flingin’ day in education! Why would you be surprised at the lack of real education experience and at ignoring the law/policy, Kilroy???? The Legs have been letting DoE do whatever they feel like no matter what for years now.
Curiously enough, Barbara, I completely agree with you, although not for the reasons you might expect.

I look at it this way:  over the past five years DSEA has been a faithful contributor to the political campaigns of a majority of our sitting legislators--to the tune of over a million dollars.  I'm not criticizing here--a union has the perfect right to politic and lobby for the best interests of its membership--and not even DSEA would say that contributing to these pols in any way "bought" their votes.

But it certainly seems like it should have "rented" them enough time to get some serious questions asked.

If it were me, I'd be asking for my money back, in part by targeting selected legislators on the next go-around for withholding the DSEA endorsement and funding.

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