Sunday, May 13, 2012

Gary Johnson, Ron Paul, and . . . Rand Paul

Is Fox suddenly covering Gary
Johnson because, frankly,
Mitt Romney is so boring?
Fox News has actually been covering Libertarian Presidential candidate Gary Johnson quite a lot lately.

Look here and here for the past two days.  The problem is that these are still in the novelty category, asking questions like, "Could Johnson shake up the race?" or "Could Johnson get into the debates?"

What Gary Johnson needs is more coverage of his views, his statements, and his activities.  I realize the campaign--short on money as any Libertarian campaign must be--has decided to focus on media attention rather than scampering around the country.  But we also need Gary out in a few selected venues.  It would have been nice, for example, had somebody gotten him invited to give a graduation commencement address somewhere.

Likewise I am seriously hoping that somebody in the campaign has contacted, say, Iraq Veterans Against the War or some other notable anti-war group, and made arrangements for some sort of Memorial Day photo-op.

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul:
Don't hold your breath waiting
for an endorsement.
Meanwhile, the MSM is not asking Ron Paul about endorsing Gary Johnson.  They're asking him about endorsing Mitt Romney.  Neither Gary's name nor the Libertarian Party comes up in CNBC Larry Kudlow interview, although Paul does say he doesn't have any plans for a third-party run.

My personal take: court Paul's supporters but do not have any expectations of a Paul endorsement for Gary.

Two reasons:  (1) I think Ron Paul is consciously clearing the way for Rand Paul to be the nominee in 2016, and (2) I think that Gary's stands on abortion and marriage equality at too far at odds with both Pauls for the chasm to be breached.

Take Rand's weekend speech in which he says that he didn't think that President Obama's views "could get any gayer" and then ticked off on his fingers all the anti-abortion-rights legislation he has introduced or supported.

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